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Employee Benefits

An employee benefits plan is crucial for not only attracting the appropriate people, but also keeping high-quality workers.

Employee Benefits​ Abatys PEO Services

Employee Benefits Services

Abatys’s benefits program is designed to meet the demands of your specific industry at an affordable price. Abatys may assist you in developing the ideal benefits plan alternatives regardless of size, location, or duration of presence.

Our clients have the flexibility to use their existing benefits, Abatys’s Sponsored Benefits, or both as they choose. From collecting and submitting insurance premiums to managing enrollments and assisting co-workers with queries and concerns, we give our clients freedom to utilize their current programs.

Major Medical

Finally, access to group health insurance makes sense. Employers understand that providing a great benefits package right away affects the recruiting pool and retention of current staff. Abatys offers employers a variety of PPO and HSA options to fulfill their healthcare insurance needs. When compared to commercial insurance, we offer greater flexibility and additional cost-cutting benefits.

Making year-long decisions that impact the whole workforce is daunting. Abatys can help you make the complicated choices involved with providing low-cost health insurance to your employees.

Employee Benefits​ medical Abatys PEO Services
Employee Benefits​ dental Abatys PEO Services


Proactive dental care is an important component of general health and well-being, as well as a key element of any good employee benefits package. Dental checkups and visits on a regular basis can identify and address health issues before they become severe or costly problems.

Clients of Abatys may take advantage of our long-standing connections with major carriers to get industry-leading protection at rates that work for them, no matter how big or how small their business is.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 45 million Americans wear contact lenses to help enhance their eyesight. Eye diseases or poor eyesight may have a big influence on one’s quality of life and job productivity. Abatys vision insurance gives employees the option of budgeting for vision care expenses such as eye tests, prescription glasses, and contact lenses. Employers now have genuine alternatives when it comes to selecting a suitable vision plan because they’ve built networks across the country.

Employee Benefits​ visionAbatys PEO Services
Employee Benefits​ retirement Abatys PEO Services


Abatys offers a multiple employer 401(k) plan through a strategic association. Employees may save for retirement while lowering their current taxable income through the savings programs. Eligibility rules, matching contribution formulas, profit sharing formulas, and integration and new compareability choices are among the other options available to employers.