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Risk Management

A comprehensive risk management solution is crucial for providing employees and management with safety, security, and support.

Abatys Preventative Risk Management PEO Services

Risk Management and Analysis

Before any of your employees have an accident, the method and strategy to assess risks begins long before that. A sound risk management approach can assist you prevent staff injuries, maintain policies and standards up-to-date, and protect your financial interest.

  • Investigating Accidents
  • Job Task Analysis
  • Return-to-Work Programs for Modified/Light Duty
  • Developing Safety Programs
  • Quarterly Review of Loss Runs
  • OSHA Compliance and Training
  • Assessing On-Site Hazards
  • Worksite Hazard Training

Loss Control and Prevention

According to the National Safety Council, every seven seconds a worker is injured on the job. The Abatys Loss Control team immediately engages with you to construct an injury and illness prevention program. Senior management training is also given along the road to ensure that your staff has all of the resources it needs to maintain a safe working environment.

Abatys Risk Management PEO Services
Abatys OSHA Risk Management PEO Services

OSHA Compliance

Abatys’s OSHA compliance support services, which include recurring training sessions across the country, were created to get your company’s workplace and operations in line with federal and state regulations. From workplace accident prevention to prevention plan development, Abatys can help you achieve and maintain OSHA compliance.

In addition to OSHA support, Abatys provides a complete accident investigation procedure that starts after an injury has occurred. The analysis includes a detailed examination of all contributing factors including unsafe acts, employee behavior, work practices, standards compliance and training needs. Abatys is experienced in investigating all types of accidents.